Get an Auto Loan With No Trouble at All!

Do you have bad credit? You aren’t alone. More people than you could imagine are having much the same trouble that you are with their finances. They are really feeling the pinch when it comes to getting an auto loan. A conventional auto loan can be really hard to get approved for if your credit is not very good. But, there is a solution for this, and people are able to get the vehicles they deserve.The solution is called a bad credit auto loan. You may wonder how in the world you are able to get any kind of loan at all if your credit is less than perfect, but with this specialized type of loan, you should not have trouble getting approved. Bad credit auto loans were created for today’s world, as so many people are having credit problems. The loan companies knew that people who had gone through financial mishaps such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or personal mishaps such as losing a job, becoming ill and being unable to work, or getting divorced would need transportation in order to work and to get their families and themselves to the places they needed to go. So, they created these bad credit auto loans for people who are having these circumstances.There are two types of bad credit auto loans. There is the unsecured bad credit auto loan, and the secured bad credit auto loan. The secured loan will be secured by something that you own that has equal value or greater than the car you are buying. This property can be a range of several different things. The good thing about a secured bad credit auto loan is that since you have collateral, you will have a lower interest rate on your loan. But, if by chance you should default on your secured bad credit loan, you will lose whatever you have put up as collateral. You have a longer period of time to pay off a secured loan – from five years all the way up to thirty years.The unsecured bad credit auto loan is just as it says – unsecured by any property of any kind. Since there is no security for the lender, the interest rate is always going to be higher than for the secured loan. Your repayment schedule is always shorter than for a secured loan. Surprisingly, the process for getting this type of loan is usually quick and quite simple, especially if you apply for it online. If you have never applied for a loan of any type online, you will be amazed at how easy the whole process can be!What you’ll need to do is some comparison-shopping online to get the best interest rate on your auto loan, regardless of whether it is secured or unsecured. Online lenders can be quite competitive! When you are certain you have found a reputable lender, the next step is filling out your online application. Usually, you will know within 24 hours whether or not you have been approved – and very few people are turned down. Within a couple of days, you could be cruising around in your new car!

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0% Down Auto Loans For Bad Credit Drivers – 3 Frequently Asked Questions

For most of us, our cars are an essential part of our lives. There is no easy way to replace the role of a car in our lives when we cannot afford a car. Other modes of transportation such as bicycles, trains, buses, taxis and subways can all serve in a pinch, but on a day-to-day basis they are no good substitute for owning a car.The most frustrating situation, however, is when you have the monthly income to be able to afford car payments but cannot seem to get approved for an auto loan. The two most common reasons for being rejected for an auto loan are:a. not having the money for a down paymentb. having a bad credit scoreThe reason why most drivers with a bad credit score and no ready down payment have trouble getting accepted for a car loan is NOT just because they have these two red marks against them. Sure, that’s part of it. But, the real reason for all of the application rejections is because they are going about shopping for a loan the wrong way.Looking for 0% down auto loans for bad credit drivers does not have to be a pain in the neck. Here are answers to 3 frequently asked questions about 0% down auto loans:1. Why do auto lenders prefer that you come up with a down payment?A: Put yourself in the shoes of an auto lender for a moment. You are asking them to consider basically giving you a whole lot of money to do with what you like (in this case, to buy a car). And, they need some sort of assurance that you are actually going to pay them back.One way that lenders assess their level of lending risk, of course, is by reviewing the borrower’s credit (FICO) score. But, another way is by looking at how much money the borrower is willing to put up of their own money for the purchase. Basically, the more the borrower can come up with, the less risk the lender is taking in case of a possible future loan default.2. Apart from a down payment, what else can I do to improve my chances of getting approved for a car loan?A: If you are unable to come up with a down payment, you have other options to offset the lender’s risk. One such option is by choosing a less-expensive car to buy. The smaller the loan amount, the less risk the lender faces.3. What is the secret to shopping for the best rates and improve chances of loan approval?A: To shop for the best rates and improve your chances of loan approval, make sure that you are only applying to “bad credit auto lenders.” In fact, you should be applying to at least 5 of them online before you visit any auto dealerships to shop for a car. When you do, make sure to reject the first offer you get from each one. Find out the best offer each is willing to give you before you sign on the dotted line.Consider the answers to these 3 frequently asked questions in order to find the right auto loan deal, even if you have no down payment and a low credit score.

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New Property Industry Opens Up Flexible Franchise Opportunities

Increasing numbers of franchise opportunities are becoming available as the new industry of Property Trading expands and matures. As a niche service, Property Traders offer quick and guaranteed sales typically at 10-20% below market rate, to home owners who wish to sell quickly. It currently handles less than 0.2% of property transactions and is growing rapidly. This is the estimate of Steve Hooper, co-founder and CEO of Fairdeal Homes, a key player in the market. A number of the larger companies are using Franchising to support this growth. As Hooper says, ‘we have seen a large growth in the demand for this service and are using the franchise model to capitalise on this momentum, thereby opening up a range of new opportunities in the property industry across the UK’.A new type of franchise opportunityFor those looking for franchise opportunities in the property market, Property Trading offers many benefits, including flexible hours and the opportunity to build a buy-to-let portfolio. Franchisees make money by using their funds to buy properties, which they then rent back to the seller, sell after cosmetic works or rent on the open market. By working from home there are limited upfront investments as there are none of the costs associated with launching a high street branch. This is supported by Nick Gittins, a franchisee with Fairdeal Homes based in Chester: ‘After working as an estate agent for 10 years, becoming a property trader has given me a lot less working hours. I am my own master and do not have the hassle of looking after staff.’Feeding the property market Contrary to some perceptions this is not all about buying from people in financial difficulties. There are many other reasons why homeowners are prepared to sell at a discount: a hassle-free relocation, to break a chain, or to free up cash for an investment. At one company their largest customer group, 37%, are people looking to relocate quickly, whilst less than 10% are people wanting to avoid repossession, or with urgent debts to clear. As Mr Cameron, a recent seller from Nottingham puts it: ‘I chose to sell my house to Fairdeal Homes as my wife and I had already moved and wanted to focus on our new property. As a businessman, I recognise I was selling at a discount, but for me this was worth it to avoid the hassle of selling in the normal way.’Whatever the reason, Property Trading companies offer a solution and service that would otherwise be unavailable. Carl Drinkwater, a corporate director of LSL Property Services (owner of Your Move) states: ‘Property Trading companies provide a specific service that a small number of sellers need or want. From this perspective I feel that they have a long term place in the market.’The property trading industry will inevitably evolve as it matures. It is already working alongside more mature property services like estate agency. Far from competing, Property Traders feed the market by re-selling properties through agents that would not necessarily come on to the market. Equally, many properties purchased by Property Traders are rented back to the seller or rented out, through the letting agents. And it’s a reciprocal arrangement, with larger Property Traders referring customers to estate agencies or re-mortgaging companies when this is appropriate. This synergy is an indicator that it can create sustained value in the property market and has a place to fill that is unlikely to evaporate in the near future. Drinkwater admits: ‘if anything, when working with Property Traders, I have found they are complementary to us, bringing additional revenue as they use our services.’Developing A Professional Service The leading companies in this industry are keen to promote the unique service they offer and the professionalism that underpins their operations. In a recent BBC article, Richard Watters Managing Director of indicated he was lobbying for the creation of a trade body to regulate the industry. Whilst recognising that this will take time to achieve, other top companies have voluntarily developed Codes of Practice to drive standards of quality and professionalism. Steve Wylie, Head of Franchise Operations at Fairdeal Homes, comments: ‘our Code of Practice focuses on providing our employees and franchisees with a framework for them to provide a consistently fair and transparent service to our clients.’With this drive by the top companies to deliver growth, set high professional standards and evolve their services, people looking to start a business in property have a new franchise opportunity to explore in this rapidly expanding area of the industry.

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